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The following informative post gives an in depth explanation of where you can get a lie detector test done in the UK? The reason we are providing this post is that there is a growing number of rogue operators currently working in the UK without proper accreditation, qualifications or experience. I, as the Chairman of the UK Polygraph Association and Managing Director of Lie Detector Test UK Services have witnessed at first hand many examples of members of the public contacting us having been misled with a test which was meaningless and then provided with a report which carries no substance. The key question when searching is “where can I get a lie detector test?” but the real question is “where can you get a professional and private lie detector test conducted?”

Where Can I get a Lie Detector Test?

We provide two broad categories of where you can get a test done and I say broad as there are many options available. The test can be conducted at either your private address (could be your home, friend’s house, hotel) or at a controlled office (Pre-set location with suitable environment). In any case the environment needs to be ‘void of disturbance’ and this is critical to conducting an accurate and professional test. Many of the people that have contacted us with regards to rogue operators have confirmed that the environment was not entirely suitable in their particular cases.

Being “Void of Disturbance”

So what does it mean for the environment to be void of disturbance? You will need to understand this from both the perspective of a prospective client and also from the perspective of an experienced and professional examiner. The environment during a polygraph test needs to be in effect “still”. This is so that during the polygraph test the person being examined is not in anyway distracted and focused on the questions which they are being asked. A distraction could be anything from a dog barking to somebody walking past a window. Real and authentic examiners would pay attention to this level of detail before conducting the test and not simply turn up at your house and put their equipment down on a flat surface and just commence… If that happens then alarm bells should be ringing.

Doing the Lie Detector Test at your Private location

When we agree to conduct a lie detector test at your private location there are a number of prerequisites which need to be considered. We may ask if you have children or pets that arrangements are made for them to be removed from the home for the entire period of the polygraph examination and we may ask deeper questions about the particular room which you have specified in order to clarify its suitability. Furthermore, Nobody else can be present in the room and quite often you will find an anxious partner requesting to be present. We can clarify that they can be present for the pre-test interview which takes place and normally that is where we would go over the questions being put forward but they can definitely not be present during the polygraph element as they also would be a distraction to the person being examiner. It is important to understand this as it is not us ‘hiding away’ from the other party but simply following a procedure which is very important in relation to lie detector test accuracy.

What is a controlled office?

An office also cannot just be any office with a table and chairs. A skilled and experienced examiner would only conduct the test in a suitable office environment where there are four walls and no direct distractions like a glass pane or people walking past the window as the test is being conducted. We, over the years have built up an extensive network of suitable offices across the whole United Kingdom to give us a wide area coverage and please feel free to visit our locations page to find one nearest to you or contact us and we would be happy to provide that information.

So to summarise, wherever you are in the United Kingdom, we can organise and facilitate an accurate and professional lie detector for you. This will always be carried out with the utmost professionalism and you can be sure that your examiner is accredited with the world’s leading bodies in the polygraph field. You can also be sure that you are dealing with a professional company and not a rogue examiner who is simply trying to take your money. This post is to further outline and hopefully help those who are duped by the lure of an extremely cheap lie detector test to do the right thing. The consequences of a substandard test could be significant and is it really worth it for the sake of a short term saving to potentially jeopardise your future.

If you would like to arrange a free phone-based consultation, learn more about our services or book a test then please feel to call us on 0203 9651755 or e-mail

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