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Lie Detector Test U.K. Services have conducted thousands of Polygraph examinations both in the U.K. and abroad. One of the most frequently asked questions by potential clients is “why would I fail a polygraph test”?

A polygraph test is essentially a contract between the examiner and examinee. It is made on the clear understanding that the examiner will conduct a professional examination using a verified testing format. The results will be unbiasedly analysed to provide an evidence based outcome of either, No Deception Indicated or Deception Indicated.

The examinee conversely has a crucial part to play in that contract by presenting at the examination appointment on time, in a healthy condition, giving full disclosure of the issue or facts in question, listening to and complying with all of the examiners instructions and as if it goes without saying, telling the truth to the examiner and answering all of the test questions truthfully. The main reason we experience that a person fails a polygraph test is that they do not comply with their responsibilities in that contract.

An example of which was a recent test in #Manchester. We conducted the polygraph test for a couple who wanted a Lie Detector Test in the Manchester area. The test related to our clients suspicions that her husband had been engaged in an affair.

The husband for his part denied having sexual intercourse with any other woman than his wife during their relationship.

The couple attended our Manchester office together where the examiner obtained a full briefing from them both on how the situation of suspicion had first arose and what had led to the couple wanting to resolve the issues with a polygraph test.

The test question “Have you had sexual contact with anyone other than your wife during your relationship” was accepted by both as being the correct question to resolve their dispute and after a full pre-test discussion was held to define each word of the question, the examiner was then confident that the question was clearly understood and the question meant the same to all parties.

The test was conducted and the examinee’s reactions recorded on the polygraph indicated under analysis that the examinee was showing deception to the question.

The examiner informed the examinee of the outcome and during that conversation the husband admitted that he had received oral sex from a work colleague but he stressed that he had never engaged in sexual intercourse with anyone other than his wife since their relationship started. When he was asked why he had not disclosed that fact prior to the examination during the pre-test interview, the husband said “I couldn’t, she wouldn’t believe that I hadn’t had sex with her if I told her the truth. That kept going over and over in my head during the appointment”.

When it was pointed out that he had entered the appointment with the sole purpose of deceiving his wife, the examiner and the polygraph process, he then understood why he had failed the test.

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