Why You Shouldn’t Opt in for a Cheap Lie Detector Test

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The allure of a bargain can lead you to consider opting for a cheap lie detector test. Saving a few quid might seem tempting. But it comes at a price that extends far beyond your wallet.

Inexperienced examiners, outdated equipment, ethical concerns, and the potential lack of legal validity are only SOME of the pitfalls of opting for a budget-friendly test. In this blog, we will delve into more of these crucial reasons. By the end of it, you will know choosing a cheap lie detector test is a costly mistake.

Reasons Why Cheap Polygraph Tests Are Not Recommended

Let’s start with why inexpensive polygraph tests are not recommended. Then, you will know how many ways some saved money can harm you.

Inexperienced Examiners

Polygraph tests are often priced cheaply when they have newer, poorly trained or less experienced examiners because these kinds of examiners are more likely to mess up your test results with inaccuracy or lack of ethics.

Outdated Equipment

Outdated equipment is substandard. And substandard materials need to provide reliable physiological responses or measurements. Also, they fail to capture the accurate and sensitive readings needed for reliable results. So we may receive more inaccurate results.

Ethical Concerns

When you have a lower budget, you tend to attract examiners who may need more ethics. This can raise concerns about the ethical practices they engage in. Moreover, these examiners may resort to cutting corners and compromising confidentiality, further adding to the potential risks. So, it is important to only trust a reliable and certified examiner for such tests, or else the results may need to be corrected.

Lack of Legal Validity

From the above point, if ethical concerns are raised, you may be liable for the legality of your lie detector test. If it causes friction with your jurisdiction, your results will be fruitless for your legal proceedings.

Limited Consultation

You can also expect some procedures to be reduced when the cost is reduced. The pre-test and post-test consultations can be extremely restricted. With the limitations, you are deprived of the examiner’s and the test’s transparency and validity.

Hidden Costs

Some providers of affordable polygraph tests may offer initial low prices to attract customers. However, it is important to know that these providers may introduce hidden costs, additional fees, or upsell services, resulting in a higher overall cost than initially advertised. It is crucial to consider all the factors carefully and evaluate the true cost before deciding.

Potential for False Accusations

As mentioned earlier, it is crucial to exercise caution when dealing with inexpensive tests, as they can potentially produce unreliable outcomes. In such instances, these unreliable results can give rise to false allegations, which in turn could potentially undermine the validity of your testimony in a legal proceeding.

The Importance of Investing in Quality

With quality lie detector tests, you can rest assured of receiving careful and professional administration under experienced hands.

The examiner’s professionalism will speak for itself with the following:

  • Positive and valid client reviews highlight the testing facility’s exceptional service and results.
  • The best and most up-to-date equipment, ensuring accurate and reliable testing procedures that meet the highest industry standards.
  • Demonstrated expertise through prior training certificates, showcasing the knowledge and skills of the testing team.
  • Ethical testing methods prioritise the subjects’ well-being and safety, adhering to ethical guidelines and regulations.
  • A nice and comfortable testing environment that promotes relaxation and minimizes stress for the individuals undergoing testing. It includes soothing lighting, calming music, and a welcoming atmosphere that puts participants at ease.

So you can understand and trust their entire testing process and test results. AND STAY SAFE. Furthermore, you receive accurate, reliable, and legally valid results. These results are essential when you must prove your innocence and protect your rights and dignity for your trial.

Quality polygraph testing can make a world of difference when you need to make a decision and clarify doubts. So, spend appropriately on quality lie detector tests. It will help you in the long run.

Why Are Polygraph Tests Expensive?


Extensive Training

Polygraph tests are costly as examiners require extensive training and certification. This involves classes, exams, and certification from a recognized institution.

Experience & Expertise

Expertise is valuable. Experienced examiners excel at interpreting data and delivering accurate results. They deeply understand the legal framework for lie detector tests and offer sound advice on ethical matters.

Quality Equipment

Quality equipment is expensive, but it guarantees accuracy and reliability. It also ensures the safety of the subjects while taking the test. In order to collect reliable physiological responses, the examiners need highly sensitive and technologically advanced equipment, which comes at a high cost.

Research & Maintenance

Continuous research and equipment maintenance are necessary to ensure operational functionality. However, these activities require additional resources, potentially increasing the overall costs of polygraph testing.

Professional Fees & Support

The pre-test consultation and post-test discussion can be quite expensive, but they are essential for reliable results. Furthermore, obtaining professional legal advice and support can add to the costs.

Comprehensive Testing

Comprehensive testing may require additional fees due to extra time for questions and factors like a court-appointed expert witness or specialised equipment for in-depth investigations.

Psychological Support

The psychological support and assistance the examiner provides are essential for a successful test; however, they can also incur extra costs.

Higher Costs for Complex Cases

Complex cases necessitate extra resources and time, leading to increased expenses. It is crucial to consider these factors when considering a polygraph test.


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