The Addiction Lie Detector Test

How we can help – We offer a variety of Lie Detector Test formats which are suitable for resolution of various private cases. Please feel free to browse our services below and learn more about how they work, case studies, access key information and book online or over the phone.

What cases can it be used for?

Is your partner or loved one a recovering addict? Do you feel that they may be hiding something from you? Whether its substance, pornography or any other type of addiction, our specific lie detector test can assist to determine if they have a problem or if they are indeed telling the truth so you can be well informed to take appropriate action for theirs and your own well being. Many clients contact us to discuss addiction and we are well trained to provide you with relevant information regarding the service and how we can help. Using their skill, experience and state-of-the-art equipment, our examiners can help you to resolve the issue and get the person the necessary help they need. Denial is often an early stage of addiction so if action is taken early enough then there is still time to get them the assistance they need. Questions can be specific to the addiction or indeed about events which may have occurred and the results can be provided in the form of a fully verified report which outlines the questions that were asked. Get the help you need…

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Addiction Lie Detector Test

The Addiction lie detector test is an extensive and thorough test for an individual who is suspected of being an addict. Whether the issue be alcohol, substance abuse

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