Historical Sexual Abuse

The sexual contact test is well known as often used in principle on the Jeremy Kyle show. Although, on the show itself you can only see the results and fact finding the actual test that is conducted is identical to the private format we offer. We conduct the test with client confidentiality at the forefront of our approach so you can be sure all of our work is kept private. The kind of questions that can be proposed relate to whether sexual intercourse took place, degree of contact e.g. kissing etc. Many clients are already aware of cheating which may have taken place but are suffering from not knowing to what degree of contact has taken place.

What cases can it be used for?

The test can be conducted at our offices or at your residential address. When conducted residential we will always request a suitable room which needs to be void of disturbance. We would normally suggest that if you have children/pets or any reason there could be a disturbance to the test that you make suitable provision. e.g. Conducting the test when children are at school or taking the dog out for a walk whilst the test is being conducted. Common sexual contact questions relate to kissing, touching, sexual intercourse, oral sex. The question must be asked explicitly and we will always assist to make sure the wording is suitable and within the context to satisfy the query and remain focused on the objective. We have helped numerous couples through some very difficult and complex cases. Please feel free to read the case studies in our resources section.

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Historical Sexual Abuse Lie Detector

Many different groups of people across the UK use this service to check partners before making marriage commitments or after finding out about an affair and wanting to kn

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