The Partner Sex Offender - Lie Detector Test

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What cases can it be used for?

Our partner sex offender lie detector test is commonly used as a safeguarding measure before introducing a new partner to your family or deciding whether to proceed in a new relationship where there is suspicion or doubt. There are numerous cases where sex offenders have been able to grey the lines and convince a new partner that their actions were not substantiated or simply rumours of previous sex offences with no official record. Sarah’s law was introduced in England and Wales to check on whether someone has a record for sexual offences before granting them access to their children because of this. However, there are many people who may have offended but never been convicted. The Partner Sex Offender Lie Detector Test is set out to have them tested on these grounds when taking the important next steps in the relationship such as deciding to move in together.

Why get your partner tested?

Remove any doubt before introducing to your family Safeguard your children Add as part of a shared parenting arrangement Protect yourself from potentially abusive partner Quash any rumours which may be circling about your new partner

Key Points:

Full test process takes approximately 2 Hours Consists of 3 stages

  1. The Person being examined – Must make sure that they are complying with our pre-test requirements
  2. The Environment – Needs to be void of disturbance or distraction
  3. The Examiner – Needs to be APA accredited and have relevant testing experience with similar cases to conduct the matter at hand
  4. The Equipment – We use state-of-the-art Lafayette Instruments as used in high level global polygraph testing.

How to Book?

You can book or arrange a free no obligation consultation for the partner sex offender lie detector test either online with the link below or via phone by calling 0203 9651755

To find out about how Lie Detector Tests are being used as part of the sex offender rehabilitation program by prison services, please feel free to read our post below.

All bookings require a £150 nonrefundable deposit which can be paid online, by telephone or Bank transfer.

Our test prices start from £375 inclusive, for tests at our offices or if you prefer we can travel to conduct the test at your home (subject to conditions) at an additional cost to cover travel costs.

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All of our services can be conducted at our controlled offices or at your private location where the conditions are suitable. Call us on 0203 9651755 if you have any circumstances you wish to discuss or would like to know a price for multiple tests.