Terms & cancellation

Terms & Conditions

Please read and confirm you have understood then complete the client assessment form below.

We conduct polygraph examinations at residential addresses but the client must provide a noise free environment with a table and two chairs and access to a power outlet.

If the conditions are unsatisfactory the examiner reserves the right to cancel the test and no refund will be possible.

We respect client confidentiality and do not disclose our controlled locations until the booking is confirmed and only to the person with whom the booking is made.

I/examinee must provide government identification (Photo ID Card, Passport, Driving License ) on arrival for verification purposes.

Failure to disclose the fact that a previous polygraph examination has been conducted on the same issue with the same examinee will result in the test data being voided and under these circumstances, no refund will be available

I/examinee understands that any aggressive or untoward behaviour towards the examiner will not be tolerated and the examination will be terminated with no entitlement to refund if such matters arise.

I/examinee understand that any underhand behaviour or attempt to bribe, influence or threaten an examiner will result in the police being notified.

I/examinee understand that if the examiner is exposed to any criminal activity they withhold the right to terminate the examination at any time and withdraw from the process.

In any instance involving criminal activity you will not be entitled to any refund.

I/examinee understand that any breach of the assessment terms and conditions will mean I will not be permitted to take the test and will not be entitled to any refund.

I /examinee understand that once a venue date/time has been confirmed I must arrive on time and without delay to participate in the examination.

I/examinee understand that any attempt at countermeasures will result in one warning. Further attempts will invalidate the test and no refunds will be given.

I /examinee understand that only close-ended questions can be asked in the examination. Questions cannot be about beliefs, opinions or intentions but to on facts, events and true statements.

I/examinee understands that they may be asked between 1 and 3 questions that will be relevant to the case during the polygraph examination.

I/examinee understand that having a higher proportion of questions pertaining to the case can undermine the test’s credibility.

I/examinee cannot participate in a polygraph examination if the incident is in relation to domestic violence

I/examinee understand that if domestic violence is seen or suspected the examiner is obligated to inform the police.

I/examinee understand that in order to comply with our Covid-19 health and safety practises, I will be temperature checked on entry to the examination and will

have to adhere with all recommended practises as requested. 

Only the examinee can be present with the examiner at the time of the polygraph examination and no other person is permitted to be present.

On completion of the examination the examiner will provide the person with whom the booking is made with full written report of the polygraph examination. This will be transmitted by e-mail and sent confidentially to the person with whom the booking is made.

N.B. The examiner where possible will provide the results verbally on the day of the examination to the person with whom the booking was made or the examinee if agreed with the person booking.

Cancellations: A booking fee of £150 must be made to secure the appointment at the time of booking either on line or by telephone. The booking fee is NONREFUNDABLE and can be made by debit card payment or direct bank transfer.

The final payment must be made 48 business hours before the appointment date/time and can also be made by either debit card or direct bank transfer. If the appointment time /date is within 48 hours of the initial booking then the full examination fee is payable at the time of booking and the full fee is NONREFUNDABLE in those circumstances.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made by telephone and an e mail confirming the cancellation must also be sent to the same day. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ notice of the examination appointment with incur full payment of the outstanding fee.

The booking fee is NONREFUNDABLE and can be made by debit card payment or direct bank transfer.

Client Assessment Form

This form is to be completed by all clients for or on behalf of any examinees which will be taking part in a lie detector test with lie detector test UK services Ltd.