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We provide all types of professional private and business lie detector test services anywhere in the U.K. and abroad. Our clients receive the highest level of service as all cases are managed by the Chairman of the U.K. Polygraph Association (UKPA) and are conducted by him and his team of leading professional examiners.

We are the most experienced provider of assessing deception in the U.K. and have conducted enquiries for both prosecution and defence purposes for over 45 years, giving evidence in every level of court in the U.K. upto and including the Royal Courts of Justice. And for every conceivable offence from Theft to Murder and Terrorism.

Memberships of the world leading polygraph associations guarantee the highest service provision and level of training obtained by each of our specialist examiners.

Our services are totally confidential and you can be confident that you are instructing the the experts in resolving relationship problems, infidelity suspicions or accusations, sexual contact tests, theft issues, false accusations, pre-employment testing and sex offender testing.


How we can help – We offer a variety of Lie Detector Test formats which are suitable for resolution of various private cases. Please feel free to browse our services below and learn more about how they work, case studies, access key information and book online or over the phone.  All of our services can be conducted at our controlled offices or at your private location where the conditions are suitable. Call us on 0203 9651755 if you have any circumstances you wish to discuss or would like to know a price for multiple tests.

We also offer a no obligation free consultation which is entirely confidential, should you wish to discuss your case in greater detail with an experienced Polygraph examiner.

Our privately conducted infidelity lie detector test is the ideal solution whether there are accusations of cheating…

The sexual contact test is well known as often used in principle on the Jeremy Kyle show. Although, on the show itself…

Our partner sex offender lie detector test is commonly used as a safeguarding measure before introducing a new…

The format is typically used in a your word against another scenario. The test can be worded into a statement which can be…

Denial or Relapse? in terms of addiction whether substance, alcohol, pornography or sex. We can conduct tests on a regular…

Whether validating historical sexual abuse and taking action or testing a partner after suspicion or rumours we can assist…



Our relationship specific test is ideal to resolve accusations of cheating, adultery or to prove or disprove sexual contact. We are highly skilled in this area with many years of polygraph field experience.


Our relationship specific test is ideal to resolve accusations of cheating, adultery or to prove or disprove sexual contact.


In a business partnership or employer/employee relationship we can help to decipher and verify truth and assess credibility in addition to the integrity of personnel involved.


Our single or multiple private theft test can be used to resolve theft in a household, amongst friends or small /medium business or enterprise. Accuracy is well supported with our investigative background.


As an employer it is important to resolve fraud accusations in confidence without damage to public image. We can assist


We have bespoke packages to assist with alternative resolutions to such matters as business partnership breakdowns and family property disputes.

Our most requested private lie detector service


When it comes to matters of the heart it can be difficult for all those involved to determine whether there is truth, deception or simply unsubstantiated miscommunication. Our Sexual Contact and infidelity Lie Detector Test formats involve a critical three stage path which develops a core understanding of the relationship in the pre-test interview and phone consultation and then derives an impartial and holistic approach through the polygraph and psychometric element before providing the client or all parties where consented to a full and thorough report and conclusion. We pride ourselves on accuracy and mutual respect for all relationships and people. 

Although we cannot advise you as a marriage therapist we can indeed provide you with the necessary factual tools to then decide on an amicable solution. On average in couples tested we have found 70% have been able to maintain and repair a relationship after the test as the truthfulness helps to rebuild the trust. Find our more about relationship and other tests we offer via our services. Lie Detector Test UK Services is a recognised leading polygraph test provider in the United Kingdom. We conduct thoroughly professional tests and spend the necessary  time and care to make sure your matter is resolved correctly. Our examiners are vastly experienced and take continual training to maintain the highest level of accuracy.


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We are a dedicated team of experienced examiners working under Mike Rumble. Mike is the chairman of the UKPA and one of the leading examiners in the UK and extends our affiliation with both the UKAPPE and American Polygraph Association. Our focus is always on supporting our clients to resolve matters and move forward. Feel free to visit our frequently asked questions page to get a clear and transparent understanding of How the Lie Detector Test Works and How we help our clients.

How Much Does it Cost for a Lie Detector Test?

All bookings require a £150 nonrefundable deposit which can be paid online, by telephone or Bank transfer.

Our test prices start from £375 inclusive, for tests at our offices or if you prefer we can travel to conduct the test at your home (subject to conditions) at an additional cost to cover travel costs.

How Accurate Are Lie Detectors?

4 Main Factors to Determining Accuracy of the Test
  • The Person being examined – Must make sure that they are complying with our pre-test requirements

  • The Environment – Needs to be void of disturbance or distraction

  • The Examiner – Needs to be UKAPPE accredited and have relevant testing experience with similar cases to conduct the matter at hand

  • The Equipment – We use state-of-the-art Lafayette Instruments as used in high level global polygraph testing.

Accuracy between 95-98% was recorded from over 6000 tests conducted by the American Polygraph Association who are the world’s leading body and the basis on which we build our principles of polygraph testing. Our affiliation with the UKPA, American and UKAPPE Polygraph Association supports us to deliver the most up-to-date and accurate test possible.



Where Can I get a Lie Detector Test Done?

You can get the lie detector test done at any of our controlled office locations or privately at your home address. Through our network of examiners, controlled regional offices and home testing we can cover all major towns and cities across the United Kingdom we are able to easily get to our clients when necessary. The controlled offices are purposeful as the environment is suitable and supports accuracy through being disturbance free and discreet. Please click view locations to see the full map and addresses. Our registered office address is in Covent Garden, London and we also have permanent regional offices in Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool and Manchester. Call us to book in for a free consultation on 0203 9651755



Our Regional Offices

Liverpool Office

Room 611a Sixth Floor, Horton House, Exchange Flags, Liverpool, L2 3PF

Birmingham Office

Park House, Bristol Rd S, Rubery, Rednal, Birmingham B45 9AH

Cardiff Office

26-28 Churchill Way, Cardiff CF10 2DY

Registered Office

71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ

Manchester Office

Manchester King Street, 82 King St, Manchester M2 4WQ

Leeds Office

Thorpe Park Business Park, 1200 Century Way, Colton, Leeds LS15 8ZA

Sheffield Office

7th Floor, The Balance, 2 Pinfold St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2GU

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This list below is not exhaustive but outlines the areas most frequently visited by the professional examiners. For Scotland and certain remote locations there is an additional charge based on travel and expenses. The offices which we conduct the tests near to a client are based on previous use and verified as being suitable. In most cases there are suitable rooms available within 10 miles of UK mainland addresses. In some certain circumstances where there is not a suitable venue, we may discuss with the client various locations within their vicinity and make a decision based on the contributing factors to conduct the test professionally. They are listed in order of most frequented locations